Are white people racially ignorant due to our privilege?

Hey, wait!  Before I continue I need to answer this question.  Are white people ignorant — even illiterate — when it comes to the issues of race, ethnicity, and racism?  Yes, I think we are.  American white people have a “let them eat cake” understanding of race.  We don’t understand because it’s not necessary for our daily functions.  People of color are forced to evolve and struggle and think about race because IT IS necessary for their daily functions.  The only time many white people struggle with race is when a situation makes them uncomfortable.  And, the more power and privilege that exists in a white person’s world, the less likely those situations will happen.

Of course, I had made my mind up to struggle with these issues.  I had already decided to fight my own ignorance.  To do so meant starting at the beginning of race for me.

MY POINT: Most white people have not pursued understanding.  How can we solve America’s racial and ethnic issues if we do not chase understanding?  Is society waiting on white people?

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